January 7, 2012

A Sears Crescent That Turned into a Mansion

646 N. Douglas Avenue, Arlington Heights

The Sears Crescent.

This house is a Sears Crescent with an expanded attic and added dormers (likely original to the house based on the age of the woodwork). 

This Crescent has been expanded to over 3,800 square feet!  The house was so big I could not get it all into a photo. See below for the impressive aerial view. It's interesting the owners elected to keep and add onto the Crescent part of the house rather than just raze it.

The house was built sometime around 1928 by Charles F. Hardtke and his wife Caroline. They moved to Barrington in 1943 and sold the house to George Clem. 

Caroline Hardtke. Photo hosted by Ancestry.com.

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