April 15, 2012

Montgomery Ward Mystery

I was browsing the Daily Herald archives and found this tidbit from 1935: "Andrew Rakoczy, formerly of Rand road, has moved to the Montgomery Ward house on South State road." Hmmm.

Today, South State Road is Arlington Heights Road. The house would be located somewhere between Northwest Highway and Central Road. (State Road south of Central did not have any houses at that time.)

Montgomery Ward stopped selling homes in 1932 so Andrew was not the first homeowner. I checked the phone directory from 1936 and Andrew was listed on South State Road, but not his specific address.

The house might look like one of these. Does anyone live in the area and have any suggestions on which house might be the Wardway home? There is a Wardway home on the corner of Park and Pine and I wonder if the other one was built nearby. I hope it wasn't torn down.


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