July 21, 2012

The Top Four Most Popular Sears Homes--Have You Seen These?

Sears issued its Book of Modern Homes catalog from 1908-1940. During those years, 370 different models were offered for sale. However, there were four very popular models that each were offered for more than a decade. These homes might be "hidden in plain sight" in your neighborhood.

Without further ado, we count down the Four Most Popular Sears Homes of All Time!

#4 --The Vallonia
The Vallonia was offered for 12 years. This was a popular model in the Chicago suburbs. Today, the front porches are often enclosed.

Sears Vallonia from the 1936 catalog.
An authenticated Vallonia at 1275 River Road in Des Plaines.

#3 --The Starlight
The Starlight was offered for 13 years.

Sears Starlight from the 1927 catalog.
Sears Starlight with enclosed porch at 1520 Campbell in Des Plaines.

#2 --The Westly
The Westly was offered for 14 years.

Sears Westly.
Perfect Sears Westly in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Photo courtesy of Heather Lukaszewski.

#1 --The Winona
The Winona was offered for 29 years! This house must have been a big seller for Sears.

Sears Winona from the 1930 catalog.
A Swiss chalet-looking Sears Winona at 1625 Forest in Des Plaines.

You've just read about the four most popular Sears homes determined by me for the week ending July 21, 2012. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!

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