September 24, 2014

The Beauty of Verona (the House, That Is)

6800 N. Oriole, Chicago.

Sears Verona from the 1924 Modern Homes catalog.

The Sears Verona is a big, beautiful Dutch Colonial Revival. The plan is traditional, with a formal reception hall, large rooms, and bay windows.  Sears said in its catalog that the Verona was "built many times in exclusive suburbs of New York, Chicago, Washington, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and other large cities. This proves it is no experiment." 

The architect of the Verona is M. Walter, according to the building permit. I couldn't find out much about him except that his office was at 127 N. Dearborn. 

The design of the Verona changed over the years. Early incarnations featured a bay window in the bathroom on the second story (above the front door).

This Verona in Edison Park was built in the summer of 1924. It's surprising that there is a Verona in the Chicago city limits.The house is almost 45 feet wide--well beyond the typical city lot size. This Verona sits on a huge oversized  lot. The original windows were replaced and the original wood siding was removed and replaced with Hardie board. The original hood over the front door has been lost and the side porch has been enclosed.

Despite the exterior changes, the interior of this house still matches up to many of the catalog illustrations.

Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

Photo courtesy of Realtor site.


Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

I believe the original homeowners were George M. Wright and his wife, Ruth. He was a salesman of stocks and bonds, according to the census. They sold the house around 1934 and moved to Lockport.

By 1935, the house was owned by Dr. Kinsey O. English and his wife, Marzuela. After Kinsey's death, Marzuela lived in the house until her death in 1977.

Still More Veronas!

2815 Colfax, Evanston. This version of the Verona has the bay window in the second floor bathroom. Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

66 Euclid, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. The porch overhang is a standard Sears part that was typically sold with the Sears Martha Washington model. Photo courtesy of Jeff Alterman.

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