December 12, 2017

The Top 5 Articles of 2017

Once again the holiday season is approaching and with it, the end of another year. You saw a lot of houses on Sears Homes of Chicagoland in 2017, but these were the most popular.

Five Most Viewed Articles

1    The Waltons -- In this article, we saw a couple examples of the sunny Sears Walton. The reason it came out on top was because it was shared on Facebook by actress Kami Cotler, who played Elizabeth Walton on The Waltons.

Remember Kami?

2    There's a First Time for Everything -- It seemed to me that all the people who purchased kit homes were white. Until I started looking in Evanston.

3    Secret Rooms Did Not Come Standard -- We reveal an adorable secret playroom in a Sears house in Elmhurst.

4    Introducing the Sears Malden -- There has been one Sears Malden identified in the United States to date--and it's in Rockford.

5    A Sears Osborn That Will Make You Say "Wow" -- Was it the Buzzfeed-esque headline that drew readers to this article, or the fact that the house was stunning inside and out?

We invite you to join us in 2018 and see even more Sears homes in Chicagoland. Happy Holidays!

4812 Elm St., Downers Grove. Photo courtesy of Catherine Barnett.

Sears Conway.

For the Sears house connection to "A Christmas Story", click here!


Cindy Catanzaro said...

Whoa......some of these houses! Looking forward to another great year.

Eric said...

They're all noteworthy houses, but I have to confess to liking the Osborn more than the other four, despite the fact that in came in fifth. It's one of those rare houses where the interior is just as good-looking (maybe even better) than the interior. The Osborne is what most bungalows aspired to be!

Lara Solonickne said...

Eric, agreed!

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