June 12, 2017

A Sears Puritan in Libertyville

Libertyville has about 12 Sears houses and a smattering of kit homes from other manufacturers. One of the Sears houses is a Puritan model.

415 W. Cook, Libertyville.

Sears Puritan.

This authenticated Sears Puritan was built in 1925. The sun room turned into a large addition at some point. It still has the original shutters with the moon cutouts.

May 30, 2017

Secret Rooms Did Not Come Standard

Be honest. As a kid, you always longed for a secret room in your house.

Sears didn't offer secret rooms as an option on their kit houses, but during the last 80-90 years, most of their cottages have had their attics finished to be used as extra living space. Often the unusable space under the rafters can be closed off into a secret room.

Take this authenticated Sears Mitchell in Elmhurst for example.

343 Oaklawn, Elmhurst.

Sears Mitchell.

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