December 2, 2012

The Original "Christmas Story" and a Sears House Fiasco

People are up in arms over the direct-to-DVD release of "A Christmas Story 2".  However, did you know that the first "A Christmas Story" was itself a remake?

Ralphie, his Old Man, and the rest of the family were featured in a PBS movie from 1976 called "Phantom of the Open Hearth". Like "A Christmas Story", "Phantom" was also written and narrated by humorist Jean Shepherd. "Phantom" even includes the tale of the infamous leg lamp.

Another tale featured in "Phantom" is based on a short story from Shepherd. In it, one of Ralphie's neighbors announces: "I ordered a house from Sears and Roebuck!"  He gets all the beer-drinking neighborhood men to come to the rail yard to help him unload the building materials from two boxcars. 

The men bring their beer along, unload the boxes from the train, and start opening up the boxes. Suddenly, it starts to downpour and everyone leaves, except the poor homeowner. He stands soaking wet among the house parts strewn everywhere, piteously begging for help.

The Sears house section is at the 13.00 mark.

Happy Holidays and see you in the new year!


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Lara, this is a great find! For too many years to count, people have been telling me about this vignette, but despite some aggressive searching, I never could find it.

I'm so glad that you found it!


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