April 23, 2013

Gordon-Van Tine Hudson

950 Warrington Road, Deerfield.

Gordon-Van Tine Hudson, from the 1929 catalog.

This Gordon-Van Tine Hudson in Deerfield is a Dutch Colonial built in 1928 or 1929. The long sloping roof that extends over the porch lends a cottage feel to it. The house has two broad dormers on each side that provide a full second floor. 

The price was $2661 in 1929.
Gordon-Van Tine advertisement featuring the Hudson in Popular Mechanics, February 1929.

In 2003, architect Bud Dietrich remodeled and expanded the exterior and interior of the house.

The Hudson before the renovations. Eek... siding! Photo courtesy of Bud Dietrich.

The Hudson after the renovations. Photo courtesy of Bud Dietrich.

The cedar shake shingles are new. As delivered, the Hudson originally came with cedar shingles that were gray stained. The original door was replaced with a bright blue round-top door and a canopy was added.

For more photos of the house after the renovations (including the interior), check out Dietrich's Flickr set.


Anonymous said...

I own a Hudson. I like the original entry better. The new siding is a big improvement over that terrible vinyl siding.

Sears Homes of Chicagoland said...

The architect said that the homeowners were tired of their guests getting wet when it rained!

Anonymous said...

I found a Hudson located at 328 Ponce De Leon Place in Orlando, Florida.

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