November 5, 2013

An Easy Way to Identify a Catalog House

Researchers spend many hours trying to identify and authenticate catalog houses. Often their findings are not made accessible to the general public. This is unfortunate because, over time, the history and origin of a house can be lost.

To combat this loss of information, I have started public databases of catalog homes. Additionally, with this website, I hope to capture much of the historical information about catalog homes in the Chicago area.

One owner of an Aladdin catalog home has managed to capture his home's history in a different, straightforward way.

Chet Joppich, of Bay City, Michigan, owns an Aladdin LaSalle kit house that was built in 1915.

2108 Center Ave., Bay City, MI.

The LaSalle from the 1917 Aladdin Homes catalog.

The LaSalle was offered from 1915 to 1917. In later years, Aladdin sold a similar plan called the Colonial.

This stucco house has steps leading up to a semicircle porch. It has the original Doric columns, but the original wooden balustrade on the porch roof has been replaced by an iron one. The LaSalle is a two-and-a-half story Colonial with a huge living room.

About 10 years ago, Chet decided to inscribe the important information about his house on the front sidewalk. If only all owners of catalog homes had the foresight to do this--my job would be a lot easier!

"LaSalle by Aladdin Homes" and the build date are in the sidewalk. Photo courtesy of Chet Joppich.

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Mark Hardin said...

I don't generally like the Colonial design but this is one beautiful house. Very nice.

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