November 11, 2014

Kit Homes of Palatine

On a recent drive through Palatine, I spotted some kit houses from Sears Roebuck and Harris Brothers.

111 S. Benton, Palatine. This Sears Mansfield was built between 1930-1933.

The Sears Mansfield from the 1929 Brick Veneer Honor Bilt Homes catalog.

Is that a Sears garage too?

114 N. Cedar St., Palatine. This Sears Vallonia was built between 1923-1929. 

The Sears Vallonia from the 1925 Modern Homes catalog.

31 S. Ashland, Palatine. This Hancock model from Harris Homes was built between 1927-1931.

The Harris Hancock from 1928.

The sun room still has the original rafter tails.

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