January 27, 2015

A Testimonial for a Sears Kilbourne

In a poster that extolled the benefits of buying a Sears Modern Home, there was a testimonial from an A. Brewer in Park Ridge, who said he saved about $1,500 buying his house from Sears (over $19,000 in today's dollars).

A. Brewer's letter. Scan courtesy of Andrew Mutch.

A. Brewer included a photo of his Sears Kilbourne.

I have never seen those diamond sash windows on another Sears house. Scan courtesy of Andrew Mutch.

Sears Kilbourne from the 1923 Modern Homes catalog.

The Kilbourne has a steep roof slope on the gable over the front porch. The gable is supported by wood posts on brick piers and has exposed roof rafter tails. Sears claimed that "The Kilbourne bungalow satisfies every family that has built it."

118 S. Chester, Park Ridge. The Kilbourne looks as lovely today as it did in 1921. The current owners repaired the original diamond sash windows.

This Kilbourne in Park Ridge was built in 1920 or early 1921. The original owners were Alfred Brewer and his wife, Flora. Alfred owned a shoe shop. They had moved elsewhere in Park Ridge by 1929.

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