July 14, 2015

Sears Newark in Gurnee

801 Rogers Road, Gurnee. Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

Sears Newark.

The Sears Newark was an English Colonial. The Newark in Gurnee has a reversed floor plan. Additionally, the house has lost many of the original details such as the ornamentation (trophies!) above the front door, the original shutters, and the diamond muntin window on the second floor.

Sears featured the Newark in only three catalogs: 1929, 1930 and 1933. I couldn't find the house on the 1930 census, so we can go with the year the county says the house was built--1932.

The exterior dimensions match those of the Sears Newark.

The original plans called for a telephone nook next to the stairs. The original owners wisely used the space for a closet. That's an original Sears door with La Tosca hardware. Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

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SearsHouseSeeker said...

Nice find! The brick version, the Worchester, that is by me (purportedly), is a little too big (25' deep), and built in 1936... according to tax records.

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