August 25, 2015

An Authenticated Sears Colchester in Glen Ellyn

327 Geneva Road, Glen Ellyn.

The Sears Colchester, from 1929.

This authenticated Sears Colchester is on a busy road in Glen Ellyn. The Tudor Revival was built in 1930, and "Sears Roebuck" is on the building permit. The floor plan is reversed.

A shot of the house without as much tree coverage.

The original owner was Joseph Palumbo. He was a  movie operator for the Surf Theatre on Dearborn and Division streets in Chicago. Joseph and his family ultimately sold the house in July 1945.

The architect of the Colchester is David S. Betcone.

The living room with a clear shot of the diamond muntin windows aside the fireplace. (I have that same mirror above my fireplace!) Photo courtesy of Realtor site.


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SearsHouseSeeker said...

I really enjoy being able to see the interiors. Love that door, and the fireplace. Very nice-looking house :)

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