March 1, 2016

The Sears Homes of Lombard

Lombard has over 40 Sears houses at last count. I trudged through the snow to get some updated photos so that you can sample the Sears houses of this Western suburb from the comfort of your home.

Sears Sunlight

324 S. Grace, Lombard.

Sears Sunlight.

Sears Conway

36 N. Ahrens, Lombard.

Sears Conway.

Sears Hathaway
216 E. Maple, Lombard.

Sears Hathaway.

Sears Elmwood
314 S. Stewart, Lombard.

Sears Elmwood.

Sears Hamilton
506 W. Maple, Lombard.

Sears Hamilton.

Porch column detail. Photo courtesy of the Lombard Historical Society.

Shipping label inside the house. This Sears Hamilton is authentic. The house was shipped to Don Vandercook. Photo courtesy of the Lombard Historical Society.


Sears Mitchell
1123 E. Woodrow, Lombard.

Sears Mitchell.

Sears Vallonia
421 S. Lombard, Lombard.

Sears Vallonia.

Sears Barrington
366 Maple, Lombard. Built about 1929 for James and Cara Petrie.

Sears Barrington.
Special thanks to Jean Cooper of the Lombard Historical Society for her research assistance.

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What a beautiful collection, and your photos are fabulous. Thanks for sharing these with us.

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