June 14, 2016

A Tour of a Charming Sears Crescent

Reader Patty Farthing recently sent me photos of her aunt's Sears Crescent in Lake Station, Indiana. Martha Thompson is the third owner of the house, and has lived there about 55 years.

This Crescent is in largely original condition, so let's take a tour. (All photos courtesy of Patty Farthing.)

2417 Putnam St., Lake Station IN. 

Sears Crescent.


A living room fireplace was optional on the Crescent, but many have them. This Crescent in Lake Station has the larger of the Crescent's two floor plans--the three porch pillars are the giveaway.


The same newel post from the Sears 1930 Building Materials catalog.

Original fireplace and bookcases.

Original door, door hardware, hinges.

Original flooring.

Original cabinets, according to the homeowner.

After 90 years, many Sears Crescents have lost most of their original details and finishes. As we tour this house, you can see why the Crescent was such a popular model for Sears--it has loads of charm and character.

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