June 11, 2019

A Sears Dover That Was Stamped by its Owner’s Personality

1815 Elmwood Dr., Highland Park. Photo from Realtor site.

Sears Dover.


Sears included this snippet in its description of the Dover: 
"There is a certain warmth and 'hominess' about a wooden house—a readiness to receive the stamp of its owner’s personality and an ability to adapt itself to its environment."
This Sears Dover in Highland Park has definitely been "stamped" by its owners. A giant addition has been constructed behind the original house. The original square footage of the Dover was about 1300 square feet and the addition is over 1700 square feet. The good news is that the owners hired a skilled architect and you cannot see the addition from the front of the house.

You would never guess there was a 1700 square foot addition back there. Photo from Realtor site.

With that addition, almost every room on the first floor of the original house was repurposed.

Here is the original Dover floor plan as shown in the Sears Modern Homes catalog. Remember that the house in Highland Park has a reversed floor plan.

This is the living room, as shown on the original floor plan. The front door is to the right of the fireplace. Photo from Realtor site.

Here's the dining room, which is the first floor bedroom on the original floor plan. Obviously the floor plan has been opened up and the closets removed. You can see the kitchen and family room, which are part of the new addition. Photo from Realtor site.

Photo from Realtor site.

The room currently used as a library was the original dining room. Photo from Realtor site.

The home office was originally the kitchen. Photo from Realtor site.

Even with the giant addition, there's still room on the lot for a pool. Photo from Realtor site.

The Dover was constructed around 1928-1929. Swedish immigrants David and Ellen Carlson were the original owners. David was a firefighter.

Undated photo of Ellen.

David and Ellen's daughter, Dorothy, married a man named Ernest A. Belmont. In 1950, when Ellen died, Ernest and Dorothy became the owners of the house. Ernest was a banker. The Belmonts moved to Champaign around 1956.

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Architectural Observer said...

The addition to this house was done really well! That cozy-looking facade sure doesn't hint that there is 3,000 square feet of living space behind it! While the interior has been extensively altered, I'll give the architect (and owners) extensive credit for maintaining the original character of the exterior.

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