October 29, 2019

A Collection of Conways

The Sears Conway was sold from 1926 to 1933. 

Sears Conway.

The Conway has a dominating gabled porch. The front door is flanked by two adjacent windows. There were decorative brackets on the exterior. Sears sold two versions of the Conway--one was two feet wider than the other and cost about $100 more. 

There are many to be found in the Chicago area. Here is a sampling.

193 May St., Bensenville.

36 N. Ahrens, Lombard. This Conway is authenticated. Franz O. Liming purchased the house in 1926 for $4,400. Photo from Realtor site.


5000 158th St., Oak Forest. Photo from Realtor site.

4812 Elm St., Downers Grove. I believe the house was built in 1926 and the original owner was Floyd C. Brink. Photo courtesy of Chuck Holtzen.

Interior shot of the front door and the adjacent windows. That is an original front door from Sears Roebuck with original door hardware. Photo from Realtor site.


Architectural Observer said...

It's always fun to see several examples of a specific model at once -- and to note the similar modifications made to them! Two of the four examples shown have shed their side approach to the porch and have centered stairs instead. Only one example has four brackets beneath the gable windows as seen in the catalog illustration; two have six brackets while one has none. While all the same, each is still slightly different. The all appear to be loved.

Sears Homes of Chicagoland said...

Now that you mention it, there are many Conways with the side stairs. That must have been an option from Sears, although I have never seen it anywhere in writing. I'll keep a look out!

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