March 30, 2021

A Sears Auburn with Magical Soil

84 S. Caroline, Crystal Lake.  Photo from Realtor site.


Sears Auburn (a.k.a. No. 3199) from the 1925 Modern Homes catalog.

The Sears Auburn is a rare model because it was sold one year only--1925. This one in Crystal Lake has had the front sunroom moved to the side of the house. 

A better look at the sunroom, which is adjacent to the dining room on the Crystal Lake house. This was likely a modification done by Sears originally. The exposed rafter tails are still visible, even though a bedroom was added on top of the sunroom in subsequent years.  Photo from Realtor site.

A cased opening from the living room led to the sunroom. In the Crystal Lake house, a cased opening leads to the sunroom from the dining room. The double windows that were originally in the dining room have been used in the living room. This was not a substantive change.

Sears called the area on top of the sunroom a "deck". How were people supposed to get out there with no door? Jump out the bedroom window? 

The house features an original front door from Sears, original trim around the windows, and original mantel.  Photo from Realtor site.

This living room is about 18 feet wide--the entire width of the house. A swinging door leads from the dining room to the kitchen.  Photo from Realtor site.

There's the sunroom off to the side. Looks like previous owners converted a closet to a half bath.  Photo from Realtor site.

 Photo from Realtor site.

 Photo from Realtor site.

This is the upstairs master bedroom over the sunroom.  Photo from Realtor site.

The original bedroom has been turned into a sitting area in the master suite. Photo from Realtor site.

Another bedroom, with original Sears doors and door hardware. The Auburn has three bedrooms total. Photo from Realtor site.

The Sears Auburn in Crystal Lake is authenticated. Herman J. Dornbrush took out a mortgage from Sears in July 1925. The house was constructed that fall, and Herman sold it to George and Christiana Wagner in December 1925.

The Wagners had moved from Chicago to Crystal Lake. George was the proprietor of the Wagner Dairy in Crystal Lake.

George also enjoyed gardening as a hobby. He grew flowers and vegetables in his yard, among other things.

Article from 1928.

Article from 1930.

Perhaps peanuts and cotton can still grow in the magical soil in George's garden? 

George died in 1935.

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Seth said...

Very interesting gardening tidbits there!

This looks to be a classy and well-cared-for home.

I would not be surprised if the deck access had been through a window. I have seen a number of homes with small balconies or porches accessible through tall double-hung windows with a low sill.

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