June 8, 2021

Got $223? You can stay in this Sears Hamilton.

506 W. Maple, Lombard.

Sears Hamilton.

This authenticated Sears Hamilton in Lombard is obscured by trees on a big lot. The Hamilton is a small cottage with jerkinhead (clipped) dormers, sold from 1922-1930. That distinguishing bumpout for the dining room is not visible in photos.

Sears Homes of Chicagoland reader (and Lombard Historical Society past president) Leslie Sulla recently emailed me to let me know that this Hamilton is an Airbnb. Let's go inside!

Photo from Airbnb.

Photo from Airbnb.

Windows flank the fireplace. Photo from Airbnb.

"Sunlight comes in the window during the day and in the evening the fireplace flickers on the hearth. There is an air of fellowship that makes this a real home."

Photo from Airbnb.

Photo from Airbnb.

"This dining room breathes an air of hospitality, so dear to the heart of every home lover."

Photo from Airbnb.

The Hamilton featured a teeny breakfast alcove. Photo from Airbnb.

"A spotless kitchen! There is a place for every kitchen need in these kitchen cabinets. Saves hundreds of steps in the daily preparation of meals."

"The colorful built-in breakfast room appeals to the family. Eating here in the morning adds zest to the meal."

Photo from Airbnb.

Photo from Airbnb.

Don Vandercook bought the Hamilton for $3,300, and got the financing from Sears Roebuck in November 1924. Don worked as a furniture designer for the Kroehler Furniture Manufacturing Company and also for the Chittenden and Eastman Company of Iowa.

Shipping label showing the materials to be sent to Don Vandercook. Photo courtesy of Jean Crockett of the Lombard Historical Society.

Detail on the front porch pillars. Photo courtesy of Jean Crockett of the Lombard Historical Society.

Old real estate listings. One mentions that the house is from Sears. Photo courtesy of Jean Crockett of the Lombard Historical Society.


Architectural Observer said...

It's great to see history being promoted in this way; as an airbnb the house has the potential to introduce lots of people to Sears houses in particular and kit houses in general. It looks like a fun place to stay and the positive reviews of past guests certainly reflect that. Much nicer than your typical trite pseudo-Victorian B'n'B and much, much, nicer than any corporate hotel chain option!

SearsHouseSeeker said...

Wow, this is a cool bit of news right here!

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