January 17, 2012

Sears Newcastle

18 S. George, Mount Prospect

Sears Newcastle from the 1940 Modern Homes catalog. The illustration shows flat paneling on the second story between the windows, but none of the real-life Newcastles identified to date have that feature. 

This house in Mount Prospect is one of two Sears Newcastles in the state of Illinois. (The other is in Joliet; one in Hinsdale was torn down.)

"Standing four square to cheerful sunshine and admitting plenty of light in every room on cloudy days, this plan employs every inch of floor space advantageously," Sears Roebuck wrote of the Newcastle. The architect of the Newcastle was Howard L. Cheney.

Sears said that the Newcastle was modeled after the Samuel Richards house in Connecticut, built in 1792.
Typically Colonial houses are perfectly symmetrical. The side of the Newcastle has a double window in the upstairs bedroom. Along with the distinctive trim around the front door, the double windows can help to identify a Newcastle.

This Sears Newcastle was built in 1940 by Mr. and Mrs. Carl BeierThe Beiers lived in the Newcastle until 1980. 

The family that purchased from the Beiers still own the house.


I heard from Ed Beier, son of the original owners.

"My father had the 18 S. George St. house built, and we moved in during the Spring of 1940, " wrote Ed in an email.
Photo of the house from 1940. Looks like work is still being done. Photo courtesy of Ed Beier.

Photo of the house soon after construction finished in 1940. Photo courtesy of Ed Beier.

Ed recalled: "The town was very different in 1940, with many remnants of German settlement and culture.  I think the population was about 1,700.  The George St. house was the fifth house built on the block, and to the north and east was farmland.  The old, large farmhouse across the street was the only building on that block."

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