January 9, 2012

Sears Wilmore

743 N. Pine, Arlington Heights

Sears Wilmore.

This authenticated Sears Wilmore was built in 1937. Check out the original door. 

Here is the original building permit for the house. In the Architect field it says: "Sears Roebuck (Stock)". Thanks so much to the administrator of Growing Up in Arlington Heights, IL for locating the permit.

You might notice that the address on the permit was 793 North Pine. The address numbering apparently changed sometime after 1937. 

The actual architect of the Wilmore was B.T. Lourim.

Paul Lyon and his wife, Cecile, moved into the house in 1938. Paul worked for the Chicago and North Western Railroad, so he was likely very familiar with Sears kit houses. Cecile lived in the house until the late 1950's.

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