January 7, 2012

Sears Puritan

30 N. Pine, Mount Prospect

Sears Puritan

This is an authenticated Sears Puritan. According to a newspaper article from 1989, the owners found stamps on the rafters in the attic and basement. 

The Puritan features a gambrel roof with a full-width dormer. There is a curved entry pediment with decorative brackets. The house still retains 6-over-1 sash windows. 

Awful photo of the unique windows on the sides of the Puritan. This the real deal!

The former owners believed the house was constructed in 1927 and owned by an "Adana Bowles". A person by this name never lived in Mount Prospect, based on my research.

I believe the house was built in 1929 and the original owners were Vaughn C. Bacon and his wife, Madge. They were definitely living in the house by March 1930. Vaughn worked for Commonwealth Edison downtown. Vaughn died in 1944, and Madge sold the house and moved back to her hometown of Wolcott, NY in 1945.

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