February 20, 2012

Sears Dover

216 S. Hi-Lusi, Mount Prospect

This housing style is very common in our area and sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether a house is a Sears Dover, a similar house from another kit house manufacturer, or just a copycat.

Our Dover has a clipped gable roof. Many of the copycats do not have the same roofline. The side windows perfectly match those of the Dover in the catalog. There is a bellcast roof over the front door that goes just under the front window. The light is in the exact same position over the front door, and the front door itself was one of the standard styles available from Sears at the time.

The one obvious difference from the catalog picture is that our Dover lacks the front chimney. However, it was a very easy modification for the homeowners to omit a fireplace with the exterior chimney. The other difference is the shed dormer, but this could have been added to the house during a later renovation.

This Sears Dover was built in the spring of 1929 by the general contracting firm Geo. L. Parker & Son. Ira and Olive Hackmeister were the original owners. 

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