June 30, 2014

Harris Home No. 1028

229 S. Walnut, Arlington Heights

Harris Home No. 1028 from the 1924 Harris Homes Beautiful catalog.


Looks like a pretty close match to the Harris Home No. 1028. It is missing the funky windows in the front and has had an addition in the rear. Photo courtesy of the Arlington Heights Historical Society.

Photo from an early 1960's real estate listing. You can clearly see the rafter tails here, just like in the catalog illustration. Photo courtesy of the Arlington Heights Historical Society.

According to the Arlington Heights Historical Society, this house was rumored to have been a Sears house, but it actually was from Harris Brothers.  

This Harris Home No. 1028 was built in 1929. The original owners were Joseph A. and Mary Wisersky and their two children, Thomas and Leona. Mr. Wisersky worked for Illinois Bell Telephone Company for over 40 years. The Wiserskys owned the house until the early 1960's.

Joseph Wisersky in 1943. Photo from the Daily Herald.

Photo courtesy of the Arlington Heights Historical Society.

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Unknown said...

This is a big part of our shared American history and our American experience. It's fascinating to me how Free Enterprise came to the rescue of American soldiers and sailors recently released from duty, who were literally unable to buy a home due to the extreme housing shortage. God Bless Free Enterprise!

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