May 7, 2012

Sears Osborn

125 S. Highland, Arlington Heights

This Sears Osborn was built in 1928 for Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Reese. Clearly it has been through some major renovations, including the addition of a second story. The pillars have been replaced, and the low-pitched gable roof has been modified to accommodate the living area in the second story. The distinctive off-center layout of the front door and windows remains.

Better view of the side
The Osborn was a very popular house, sold from 1916 through 1929. It was a one-story bungalow with a Japanese aesthetic.

The house has two porches and a sleeping porch in the rear, which "will appeal to the lover of nature," according to the catalog. The porch roof is supported by four square timber columns resting on the large square brick piers. The roofline of the house still has timber purlins.

Sears Osborn interiors, from the 1921 catalog. Note the windows flanking the fireplace. Those have been retained in the Osborn on Highland. I wonder if they saved the original interior woodwork and built-ins?

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