October 21, 2012

Harris Brothers Roselle

110 N. Prospect Manor Ave., Mount Prospect

Harris Brothers Roselle from 1928.

Yet another Roselle model from Harris Brothers, with an added dormer. Harris Brothers had a sales office in Des Plaines, so that explains why there are so many of their houses built in this area.

This house was likely constructed in early spring of 1927. This would make it one of the first houses built in the Prospect Manor subdivision. The first owners were Valentine Frank Weber and his wife, Florence. Valentine was a land surveyor for the village.

The Webers moved out in 1949 and sold to the H. J. Nieman family.


David Maroni said...

This is the exact same house as the Gordon Van Tine "Sharaten"from 1931. Did the different kit house companies share/trade plans?

Lara said...

The Harris Bros. Roselle and the GVT Sheraton (a.k.a. the Blair) have different floor plans. The GVT model has a bumped out dining room.

There are a ton of Blairs/Sheratons in the Chicago northwest suburbs. And a ton of Roselles. One day I'll get around to posting them. Thanks for your comment.

Lara said...

And, yes, the kit companies would steal plans from each other and change the floorplan just enough so they would not get sued. Additionally, Gordon-Van Tine made the houses for Montgomery Ward, so they share the same models under different names.

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