September 20, 2014

A Case of Mistaken Identity

This Dutch Colonial was recently listed for sale as a "charming Sears and Roebuck kit home in Deerfield, IL."

Unfortunately, it's not from Sears, Roebuck.

834 Forest Avenue, Deerfield.

Harris Home No. 2012 from the 1923 catalog.

The house is a perfect match to model No. 2012 from Harris Brothers. (The name changed later to the Hancock.) The exterior dimensions, 32x24, precisely match the dimensions of the Harris home. The floor plans are also identical.

Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

The house was built sometime after 1922 by George and Ida Stanger. George was a foreman for North Shore Gas. He was also a village trustee.

Harris Homes No. 2012 was on sale in January 1926 for $2695. 

George and Ida first moved to Deerfield in 1907. In 1933 they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in the house. George died in 1939 and Ida died in 1946.

George and Ida both came from pioneering families.

George's father, Daniel Stanger, was born in 1810. He walked from Warren, Pennsylvania to Illinois in 1834 to establish residence as one of the first white settlers in Wheeling.

Ida's grandfather, John George Rockenbach, came to live in Deerfield in 1841. His family and four other families journeyed from Chicago that year in search of farm lands. The Rockenbachs settled on land near the Des Plaines River and built a log cabin. At that time, most residents of Deerfield were Native Americans. It took six hours to reach Chicago using horse and wagon. The Deerfield Area Historical Society has a collection of information about the Rockenbach family.

Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

The new owners demolished the house.

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M-Stan said...

Sadly, the POS who bought the house, Todd & Melissa Hagle, immediately tore it down and replaced it with a bigger house. Fortunately, other Harris homes appear to remain across the street.

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