May 14, 2013

The Monticello from Standard Homes Company

5656 N. Newark, Chicago

Photo from Realtor site.

Here is a gorgeous plan book house in Norwood Park. It is the Monticello model from the Standard Homes Company. (The Standard Homes Company still sells house plans today.) 

The Monticello is a Colonial Revival with just over 1,900 square feet, a huge reception hall, and three large bedrooms. The house in Norwood Park is a reverse plan.

According to the Standard Homes plan book, "If those who occupy homes like The Monticello are not happy it is because they have violated some natural law, or are not conscious of the fact that happiness is a condition of the mind and comes as the result of the mastery of one's moods. It is not a thing to be purchased at a price, but rather a fact to be recognized or accepted, regardless." I'm not sure I understand all that, but whatever.

The architect of the Monticello was Lyman J. Allison, a noted bungalow architect in Chicago. 

The Monticello on Newark was built in summer of 1928. The original owner was B. McMillan.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the advertising claims but the Monticello Is a beautiful house. I fell in love with one on Crescent Ave. in Hopewell Va. I tried to buy it from friends that owned it but they didn't want to move. I was disappointed at the time, I guess I hadn't mastered my moods yet?

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