July 9, 2013

Neighboring Gordon-Van Tine Blairs

In Arlington Heights, there are three Blairs from Gordon-Van Tine within a short distance of each other.

1021 S. Haddow, Arlington Heights

511 E. Central, Arlington Heights

1113 S. Pine, Arlington Heights

Based on the close proximity, these houses were likely built by the same person.

The Blair is very similar to the Roselle model from Harris Brothers or the Axis model from the Home Builders Catalog, with one noticeable difference. The Blair has an extended dining room on the right side. The lines of the hip roof are broken by the bay projection over the dining room.

Dining room of the house on Pine.

Dining room of the house on Haddow.

I don't have much information about these houses. Cook County says that the house on Haddow was built in 1931, the house on Central was built in 1934, and the house on Pine was built in 1930. I suspect all three were built around 1930-1931 before the lowest point of the Great Depression.

The house on Central recently sold for... wait for it... $180,500 at a short sale. Someone got an unbelievable deal. The house had been fully renovated and it's gorgeous inside, despite the unkempt appearance in the photo above. Mahogany floors, steam shower, new kitchen and reworked floor plan... the works.

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Shari D said...

That house on Central is advertised as "Priced to Sell" - More like "Priced to GIVE AWAY!" THAT'S AMAZING! Somebody did just walk away with it for sure. What an amazing find!

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