August 13, 2013

Sears Sheridan

144 N. Hager Avenue, Barrington. Photo courtesy of Wende Dau.

Sears Sheridan from the 1928 catalog. If only all catalog houses were this easy to identify!

Another angle. This Sheridan had its porch enclosed and I don't believe the fireplace was original. Photo courtesy of Wende Dau.

This is an authenticated Sears Sheridan in Barrington. The house was built in 1927. The original residents were Arthur L. Waggoner, his wife Cora, and their four kids. Arthur worked as a carpenter for the railroad. Arthur got a mortgage for $6700 from Sears.

The current owners noticed stamps on some of the lumber. The single letter followed by a three-digit number ("A388") is a hallmark of Sears houses. The stamped codes helped the builders determine what piece went where.

Stamped lumber. Photo courtesy of Wende Dau.

Photo courtesy of Wende Dau.

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