February 25, 2014

A New Sears Avalon in Wisconsin

3312 River Birch Lane, Middleton, Wisconsin. Photo courtesy of Becky Behling for Sprinkman Real Estate.

Sears Avalon from the 1923 Modern Homes catalog.

Occasionally I come across new homes built on old Sears plans. I recently discovered one in Middleton, Wisconsin.

In 1999, James and Marcia Hladilek began building a house on a 48'-wide lot that was based on the Sears Avalon. The couple worked with a draftsman who took the rough floor plans from the 1926 Modern Homes catalog and brought the design up to code and in line with subdivision covenants. 

The Hladileks made some updates to the plans, including enlarging the first floor square footage to 1,540 square feet, changing the configuration of the front entrance, and turning one of the first floor bedrooms into a sun room.

The same wraparound porch with stucco columns. Photo courtesy of Becky Behling for Sprinkman Real Estate.

The front door of the Sears Avalon opens directly into the living room. The Hladileks front door opens into a vestibule. Photo courtesy of Becky Behling for Sprinkman Real Estate.

James worked alongside four carpenters to complete the rough structure, then he completed all the interior and exterior work. 

The living room. Photo courtesy of Becky Behling for Sprinkman Real Estate.

Breakfast alcove. Photo courtesy of Becky Behling for Sprinkman Real Estate. 

The house has nine-foot ceilings, a fireplace with a stucco chimney, and a detached garage.

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