March 4, 2014

A Probable Sears Maplewood

933 N. Patton, Arlington Heights.

Sears Maplewood.

I'm 95% certain this is a Sears Maplewood in the Arlington Park subdivision, despite the fact that the fireplace is on a different wall and the pitch of the front dormer is too high. The house does have an original Sears front door.

The fireplace appears to have been added after construction. The Maplewood came standard with a fireplace in the living room, adjacent to the front door. Perhaps the original owners wanted to save money and eliminate the fireplace (commonly done), and later owners decided to install one, centered on the living room side wall.

The front dormer may have also been enlarged at some point for storage or a larger closet.

The Maplewood was sold only for a few years: 1930-1932. I believe this house was built in late 1932. The first owners, Louis W. Fors and family, moved in the house in March 1933. In 1933, this was the only house on the street, which was then called Center Street. Louis sold commercial trucks.

The Fors family moved out by 1935. The house was rented, and then in 1939 Charles C. Rehfeldt and his wife Kathlyn purchased it. In March 1946, the street name was changed to Patton, after General Patton. The Rehfeldts lived there until 1953.

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