June 17, 2014

A Sampling of Kit Houses of Lombard

A few weeks ago, I featured a Sears house in Lombard that I found, but that is not the only one! Lombard has dozens of Sears houses and even more from Harris Brothers and the other kit home manufacturers.

Jean Crockett of the Lombard Historical Society was kind enough to send me some photos which are just a small sampling of the kit houses in town.

162 S. Grace, Lombard. Photo courtesy of Jean Cooper.

Sears Salem.

235 W. Harrison, Lombard. Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

Sears Sunlight from 1927.

330 S. Ahrens, Lombard. Photo courtesy of Jean Cooper.

Harris Home No. 1502. 

724 S. Charlotte, Lombard. House built in 1934 by Stephen Zeisel. Photo courtesy of Jean Cooper. 

Sears Bridgeport from the 1936 catalog. Before 1933, the Bridgeport was called the Wexford.


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