June 10, 2014

Kit Houses in Trouble

There are two kit houses in Chicagoland that are for sale, vacant, and may not be long for this world.

Sears Avalon in Harvey
Our first house is a Sears Roebuck house in Harvey.

272 E 150th St, Harvey. Still an adorable house--can someone save it?

Sears Avalon.

Back of the house. It sits on a 60-foot wide lot.

Update! The house sold for $3,500.

Harris Brothers Roselle in Roseland
Our second kit house is from Harris Brothers on the west side of Roseland, in the Fernwood neighborhood.

10232 S Emerald Ave, Chicago.

Harris Brothers Roselle.

Some original elements still left in the bathroom.

Update! The house sold for $10,000.

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SearsHouseSeeker said...

I sure hope they've been bought for renovation, and not for demolition.

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