August 11, 2014

Two Rare Depression Era Sears Homes in Northwest Chicago

I was early for an appointment and took a leisurely stroll through Edison Park. To my surprise (and delight), I stumbled across two very rare Sears homes on the same block.

I was able to authenticate one of these homes as being from Sears Roebuck because the building permit was on file with the city of Chicago.

Sears Homestead

7239 W. Coyle, Chicago.

Sears Homestead.

As you might guess, Sears did not sell many homes in the heart of the Depression. Sears offered the Homestead beginning in 1933--one of the worst years on record for residential building. To date, I have located four Homesteads in Illinois and one in Maryland. 

This house in Edison Park looks much like the Homestead catalog illustration. but I was able to authenticate it anyway.

"Sears Roebuck Co." is listed as the architect on the building permit, dated Nov 18, 1932.

Sears normally issued their Modern Homes catalogs in the fall preceding the year on the catalog. So the 1933 catalog came out in fall of 1932, when construction started on this house.

The original owner of the Homestead was George Leniak, a divorced father, and his daughter, Lesley. George was a printer for R.R. Donnelley and Sons. George owned the house until at least 1965, when he retired and moved to Wisconsin.

Sears Old Town

7319 W. Coyle, Chicago.

Sears Old Town. Scan is from Houses by Mail.

The Old Town was sold one year only-- in 1933-- and the only Old Towns that I have discovered are this one in Edison Park and another in Arlington Heights.

The building permit for this house was issued October 23, 1932, and the original owner was Harry Lorse.

The architect of the Old Town was Alexander Bacci.

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