April 28, 2015

It's a Sears Elmhurst....in Elmhurst, Naturally

246 Chandler, Elmhurst.

Sears Elmhurst from the 1930 Homes of Today catalog.

The Sears Elmhurst was an English Tudor sold from 1929 to 1932. This authenticated Elmhurst in Elmhurst (awkward!) was likely built in 1929 since it existed on the 1930 census.

The architect of the Sears Elmhurst was David S. Betcone.

Clearly the house is a perfect match to the catalog illustration. The current homeowner found a label under the stairs that said: "Illinois Lumber Yard, Cairo, Illinois." This was the name of the lumber mill that Sears owned in Cairo.

Foyer. Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

The Elmhurst foyer as shown in the 1932 Homes of Today catalog. A perfect match!

The Elmhurst has a spacious living room--about 15'x21'. Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

The original garage--most likely from Sears. Photo courtesy of Realtor site.

The original owners were Fritz Winquist, wife Mabel, and son Robert. Fritz worked as a manager at Sears Roebuck for many years and likely got a discount on the house. By 1942 the Winquists had moved to Fort Lauderdale.

Fritz listed his employer as Sears Roebuck & Co.


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What a wonderful house. I love the realtor listing photos... it adds so much to be able to see the interior. I really enjoy that you so often are able to give us a blurb about the lives of the first owners. And... the new banner looks very lovely ;)

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