August 9, 2016

Sears Ardara in Elmhurst

266 N. Clinton, Elmhurst

Sears Ardara.

The Sears Ardara was a Colonial Bungalow with an "artistic" porch and trellises. First sold in 1919, the Ardara actually offered an attached garage as an option--I believe this was the earliest Sears model to do so.

This Ardara in Elmhurst is an authentic Sears house--previous owners found shipping labels on a window frame. The trellises are not original, but reproductions. There has been a sensitive addition to the house--barely visible from the front.

The newer trellises.

``It`s a beautiful `cottage` house,`` then-owner Barbara Haines told the Chicago Tribune in 1992. "...I can`t think of anything I don`t like about the house. It`s very well made; the craftsmanship is wonderful-solid wood floors, doors that fit.``

The original owners were Paul and Blanche Ferguson. He was a carpenter for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, so putting up a Sears house would have been no trouble for him.


Seine Judeet (Judith) said...

That's a beauty :)

g grump said...

I have not seen one Sears house that I do not like. Big or small they are all beautiful. Only heard of them recently. After researching how they were built & learned of some of the materials that were used, I am even more enthralled with them. I have never seen one that I know of, but I am going to look now. In my opinion Sears & Roebuck Co. is to be admired.

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