September 20, 2016

Sears Homes Enjoying Commercial Success

Because old Sears homes were often built on the central streets in suburban downtowns, many of them have been demolished outright for new development or have been converted to commercial use. Let's take a look at some of the Sears houses in the Chicago suburbs that have "gone commercial".


334 W. Main, Barrington. Photo courtesy of Wende Dau.

Sears Martha Washington.

This authenticated Sears Martha Washington model was formerly used as bridal shopThe bedrooms were used as fitting rooms. The business owners claimed to have a sales receipt from 1926 for $3,700. That's interesting because Harry and Vida Hammond took out a mortgage from Sears for $6500 to build this property in April 1927. 


324 S. Main, Wheaton.

Sears Uriel. Scan courtesy of Sears Houses in Ohio.

This Sears Uriel integrated into a strip mall was spotted by Margaret Kansa, who lives in a Sears Conway in Lombard. Not only was the house saved, but the original detailing is largely intact.

The Uriel is home to an insurance agency.

There's a Sears Rodessa next door at 326 S. Main that is zoned residential.

Sears Rodessa.

Des Plaines

1600 E. Oakton St., Des Plaines.

Sears Vallonia.

This Sears Vallonia has been expanded and has had a world of hurt put on it. Researcher Rebecca Hunter spotted this house. There are several Vallonias within a few blocks of this one. This house was built about 1922 for the Charles Breitung family. Today it houses a beauty salon.


113 Grant St., Barrington. Photo from Realtor site.

Sears Oakdale.

The front porch still looks homey.  Photo from Realtor site.

It's an office!  Photo from Realtor site.

This authentic Sears Oakdale looks much like it did when it was built--at least from the outside. Foster Weigel got a mortgage from Sears for $4500 in November 1926. Today it is home to a consulting firm.


135 Bloomingdale Road, Bloomingdale. Image from Google Streetview.

Sears Starlight.

This Sears Starlight in Bloomingdale is on a major thoroughfare and is now home to an insurance agency. It makes me crazy when people block out dormer windows--it makes me think the house has lost its soul.

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