March 7, 2017

Sears No. 124 in Crystal Lake

40 Pomeroy, Crystal Lake.

Sears model No. 124.

Closer view that shows the decorative stone veneer on the foundation. The foundation is actually concrete block. Sears recommended concrete block for the foundations.

This house in Crystal Lake is a Sears Roebuck model No 124. In the early days Sears didn't have names for its houses--just model numbers. 

The local historic society has plaqued this No. 124, and previous owners found a shipping label from Sears that authenticates the house. 

Arthur and Augusta Mickelson built the house in 1913. The Mickelsons got a mortgage for $2,200 from the Home State Bank of Crystal Lake. They lived in the house only three years, selling it in 1916 to Edward and Edna Ostrander.

There was a mention of this house in the 1916 Sears Modern Homes catalog.

Scan courtesy of Daily Bungalow.

You'll notice that this list of cities includes Lombard, but no one has been able to locate a No. 124 there and it probably has been lost. The No. 124 is a distinctive looking house, and it would be hard to miss!

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SearsHouseSeeker said...

Oooh, great to see this! I had such fun writing about the No. 124 in Tillamook, Oregon (some folks misspell that as Tillimook, but it's Tillamook). This one is a very nice example, though it looks to have lost a couple of windows, eh?

As always, great work!

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