May 14, 2018

"A Pretty Little Home" Even Today

The Sears Rodessa bungalow was one of the most popular kit house models. Just under 700 square feet, the Rodessa was just four rooms and required only a 28-foot lot. It was a "pretty little home", according to Sears, and it was affordable for most Americans.

Evanston has two Rodessas still standing.  Let's take a look.

The first Rodessa is on Dodge Avenue. Despite the fact it is charming, this house was gutted by a builder and is currently listed for sale as a teardown.

2046 Dodge, Evanston. The house retains its original trellises. Photo from Realtor site.

Sears Rodessa.

The same Rodessa from a few years ago--in much better shape. Photo from Realtor site.

The unfinished interior of the Rodessa today. Photo from Realtor site.

Our second Rodessa is on Noyes Street. This Rodessa was built between 1918 and 1919. The outlook is much more positive for this house.

2225 Noyes, Evanston. Photo from Realtor site.

The landscaping is so lush in the summer, it's impossible to get a clear shot of the house. Photo from Realtor site.

A little office by the front door. Photo from Realtor site.

The front bedroom was changed into a TV room. Photo from Realtor site.

Photo from Realtor site.

The door to the left leads to a finished basement. Photo from Realtor site.

The house now has one bedroom and those french doors face the backyard. Photo from Realtor site.

Photo from Realtor site.

At 616 square feet, this Rodessa is a great alternative to a condo.


SearsHouseSeeker said...

Wow, it's unusual to find a Rodessa that still has that trellis-type structure in between the porch supports -- what a shame that the house is slated for teardown. I just hate that. I recently found another mortgage in St. Louis, for a little, beat up Adeline, not far from me, and the real estate ad makes no bones about it: it's being sold as a tear down.

Sears House Seeker blog

Architectural Observer said...

Fascinating yet heartbreaking; the trellises of the house on Dodge are incredibly rare survivors. The spacing of the columns of the house on Noyes does not appear to be enough to accommodate a trellis, but at least the house appears to have a future! I once lived in a house of similar square footage and found it to be quite livable; I never felt crowded.

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