November 13, 2018

The Odd Ones Out

There are many Sears models that have never been found. Some of these models are unusual looking--unusual enough that if you ever came across one you would likely remember seeing it.

Here are four of the most distinctive undiscovered Sears models. Have you seen any of these?

1. No. 264P158

No. 264P158.  Customers built this house in New York, NY and Terre Haute, IN. Were those the only two built?

No. 264P158 was a sizable house--24' x 44'. It featured a huge reception hall, large living room and dining room. It had an extremely large kitchen for the time and also an attached pantry. It had a servant's room on the first floor, and four bedrooms upstairs--one being exceptionally large for the era at 12' x 18'. No. 264P158 was not a house for just anyone, which certainly accounts for its rarity.

2.  No. 138

No. 138. The porch roof is oddly shaped, with a cut-out. There is a teeny dormer in one of the upstairs bedrooms that originally had colored art glass.  This house was sold for only one year, and then Sears designed a completely different No. 138. Scan courtesy of Dale Haynes.

3. No. 204

No. 204 was sold 1911-1913. It almost looks like a house from today that has had an awkward second story added. The square windows on the second story are an enclosed sun porch.

4. The Millerton
The Millerton was sold for only two years--1931 and 1932. One of the odd features of the Millerton is that the front door and a rear door are both housed on that projection. The dormer seems crammed in too close to the roofline of the front entrance. I will bet that this model is hiding in the Chicago area somewhere.

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Cindy Catanzaro said...

I'm hoping The Millerton is hiding somewhere in Ohio. :)

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