September 9, 2014

A Couple of Clydes

Edison Park, Chicago

7017 N. Osceola, Chicago.

Sears Clyde from the 1921 Modern Homes catalog.

This Sears Clyde in the Edison Park neighborhood was built about 1922. It's a close match to the catalog illustration. The bedroom adjacent to the chimney has been bumped out even more.

Des Plaines

635 Arlington Ave., Des Plaines.

The county says this Clyde in Des Plaines was built in 1921. The floor plan is reversed and the front door has been moved. These changes were not a big deal--Sears often did not charge for a reversed floor plan and the front door opened directly into the living room so it was not important where it was located.

I believe the original owners were Albert and Anna Reck. Albert worked as a machinist, and they bred Corneaux pigeons (probably in the backyard). The house address was originally 629 Arlington. The Recks owned the house until at least 1954.

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Laraine Shape said...

Very neat, Lara. That extra porch pillar always makes me smile. What in the world were they thinking?

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