May 5, 2015

And Buyers Complain That Old Houses are too Small

I see many bizarre houses when I'm driving around taking photos of Sears houses. But this particular residence in Deerfield takes the cake.

970 Chestnut St., Deerfield.


May I introduce the "Skinny House" of Deerfield? This is one of the thinnest houses in the world. The house is three feet wide at one point.

The two-story house consists of four rooms and one bedroom. There are 1100 square feet above ground and also a finished basement.

The assessor's sketch. 18 feet wide at the widest point.

Apparently real estate  is so desirable in this suburb that even a pie-shaped house shoehorned into a small irregular corner lot will sell. 

The house was built in 2003, much to the dismay of neighbors. The house met all building codes and did not require any variances. The village of Deerfield was unable to do anything because they could not legislate the aesthetics of new construction.

The house was recently listed for sale.

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Anonymous said...

This is why so many neighborhoods have homeowners associations...

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