April 2, 2019

Sears Barrington in La Grange

The Sears Barrington was a popular Modern Tudor. You can find them in many Chicago suburbs, including La Grange.

620 S Ashland Ave., La Grange. Photo courtesy of Carey Curtin-Romanelli.

Sears Barrington. Yours for $45 to $55 per month, financed through Sears Roebuck.

Same house; another color. Photo from Realtor site.


The house has a large addition off the back that is not visible from the street. Photo from Realtor site.


The living room and front door vestibule. The opening on the left is to the stairs. Photo from Realtor site.

The opening on the far right originally was a solid wall. Photo from Realtor site.

This brickwork can be found in many Sears houses today. Scan of the Sears Building Materials catalog from Andrew Mutch.

Photo from Realtor site. 

Photo from Realtor site. 

I believe this is the front bedroom. The photographer is standing in the front dormer area. Photo from Realtor site. 

The Barrington was built in 1930-1931.   The La Grange Area Historical Society states that Harold J Bluhm was in the house in 1933, so he was likely the original owner (see comment below). A trip to the Cook County Recorder's office could confirm this.

The architect of the Barrington is David S. Betcone.


Architectural Observer said...

It's always good to see an addition which is respectful of the exterior's original design. The addition here is one of the few I've seen that actually enhances the house rather than detracting from it. This house has endured nicely, even with the numerous alterations.

Unknown said...

FYI, Harold J Bluhm lived there in 1933 before the Engst lived there. This is based on newspaper clippings in our house files at the LaGrange Area Historical Society. We have files for every house in LaGrange and LaGrange Park.Each file has any newspaper clippings or real estate ads we can find. I cam across this post as I am working on a Tour Sears homes for our community.

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