December 19, 2023

The Top Three Articles of 2023

Once again the holiday season is approaching and with it, the end of another year. It's time to reveal our top three most popular articles of 2023 and what you, the readers, enjoyed most. 

1    Five Reasons You Think You Have a Sears House... but You Don't  -- Do you think you have a Sears house? Sears houses are rare and they are typically found in certain states.   

2    A Sears Crescent Pre- and Post-Flip -- 
A Sears Crescent in Barrington was recently purchased and flipped. We examine the before and after.

3    A Sears No. 121 in Roseland -- 
Sears Roebuck offered the No. 121 house in the first Modern Homes catalog in 1908 and sold it for a decade.  A No. 121 in Roseland has a rich family history.

We invite you to join us in 2024 and see even more Sears homes in Chicagoland. Happy Holidays!

A Sears Priscilla decked out for the holidays!

For the Sears house connection to "A Christmas Story", click here!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for another informative year of fascinating history, fascinating houses and dedicated sleuthing! Wishing you all the best in the new year.

Sears Homes of Chicagoland said...

Thank you!

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